Surface Thickener-Decanter with Legs (VED)

BUPOLSA Sludge Thickeners/Decanters are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) and are recommended for urban and industrial wastewater treatment. This is where sludge concentration and thickening processes take place, as well as the decantation and reduction of solids produced by the physical sedimentation of the decantable products present in the wastewater. The separation of these sludges reduces the operating costs of the treatment plant.

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Decanters – thickeners
Capacity (liters) Ø (mm) Cone (º) Length (mm)
3,000 1.620 60º 2.510
5,000 1.620 60º 3.150
7.500 2.000 60º 3.610
10,000 2.500 60º 3.510
12.500 2.500 60º 4.030
15,000 2500 60º 4.540
17.500 3.000 60º 4.290
20,000 3.000 60º 4.540


Decanters – thickeners
Capacity (liters) Ø (mm) Cone (º) Length (mm)
22.500 3.000 60º 4.930
25,000 3.000 60º 5.290
30,000 3.000 60º 6.000
35,000 3.000 60º 6.710
40,000 3.000 60º 7.430
45,000 3.400 60º 6.940
50,000 3.400 60º 7.490
55,000 4.000 60º 6.790

* Orientation table. For more capacities-dimensions, please contact our technical-commercial department..


The waters which reach the decanter are fed from the upper part by means of an internal soothing bell. This “bell” is made up of a central calming tube which rises to the surface and whose mission is to break the speed of the incoming water and thus avoid turbulence.

In this way, the waters are forced to start a descending route. In order to be evacuated to the outside, they have to travel a certain length until they reach the surface again, which allows the separation of particles with a higher density than water, remaining in the lower part of the decanter and being extracted by means of the sludge outlet flange, while the clean waters, however, go out through Thompson’s perimeter spillway, whose function is to clarify the effluent, in order to break the foams formed and retain the materials.

The BUPOLSA Thickeners-Decanters can have a 45º or 60º angle cone.

Tecnical Sheet

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