Simple manual roughing catch basin


Catch basins
Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Manual catch basins 1.030 720 570

* * For measurements other than those shown in the tables, please contact our technical-commercial department.


In water purification, a primary treatment must be done, which consists of removing all the material that floats. The installation of roughing grids is essential in any treatment plant, removing as much as possible of the thickest solids for direct disposal, in solid waste dumps, or by incineration.

Roughing chambers is achieved:

  • Intercept materials which, due to their excessive dimensions, could hinder the operation of downstream equipment (decanters, purifiers, grease separators, flow meters, etc.).
  • Avoid blockages in channels, pipes and conduits in general.
  • Increase the efficiency of subsequent treatments.

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