Double horizontal buried walls (BPDX)

BUPOLSA’s horizontal tanks are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) and are used in cases where there is a height limitation either due to requirements in the enclosure where it is housed, due to urban requirements, or to reduce the visual impact.

These tanks are the same as the aerial ones but without supporting cradles and with reinforcing rings to support the weight of the hole filling. The tank is supported on a concrete bed and is buried with gravel. Unlike other manufacturers, BUPOLSA’s horizontal deposits do not require pouring soft concrete to form a support cradle, since they are designed to be buried with gravel, which means considerable savings in the installation process (installation instructions). They are ideal for storing products that require reasons of dimensions or aesthetics to go underground.


The range of storage volume
of these deposits is very wide depending on the diameter chosen and the length of the ferrule. Thus, we have a wide range of capacities that we can adjust to the needs of each client:

Double-walled HORIZONTAL tanks
Ø (mm) COMPACITY (litres) LONGITUD (mm)
1.620 5,000 2.820
2.000 10,000 3.550
2.325 15,000 4.100
2.500 20,000 4.530
2.500 25,000 5.550
2.500 30,000 6.570
3.000 35,000 5.580
3.000 40,000 6.290
Double-walled HORIZONTAL tanks
Ø(mm) COMPACITY (litres) LONGITUD (mm)
3.400 45,000 5.640
3.400 50,000 6.190
3.400 60,000 7.290
4.000 70,000 6.460
4.000 80,000 7.260
4.000 90,000 8.050
4.000 100,000 8.850
4.200 150,000 11.470

* Orientation table. For more capacities-dimensions, please contact our technical-commercial department..


Applications: Horizontal deposits are very widespread for the storage of hydrocarbons, although any liquid can be stored in general.

  • Hazardous acids (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide …
  • Hydrocarbons.

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