Elevated Horizontal Tanks

These tanks are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) and are widely used in cases where a certain height is required to gain pressure in the disposal of the contained substance. This deposit is supported on a metal structure anchored to the ground and has also lifting-elements for installation.

This model is usually used in agricultural work in order to allow agricultural machinery to directly load without the use of a pump. It also prevents contamination of rivers or ponds when farmers get supplied from then.

The elevated tanks are constructed with the objective of accumulating water for agricultural use above the level of the ground which allow water to be provided by gravity to the inhabitants of a locality, in order to be able to fill any type of tank or mobile deposit. Besides, this elevated tank can be used by any fire-fighters if necessary, to fill a vehicle or to supply drinking water to the population as a result of any exceptional drought or water pollution destined to human consumption.


 width=The storage volume range of these tanks is very wide depending on the diameter chosen and the ferrule length of the tank. Thus, for a ground height of 2.500 mm , we have a wide range of capacities that we can adjust to the needs of each client:

Ø (mm) COMPACITY(litres) LONGITUD(mm)
1.600 5,000 2.960
1.600 6,000 5.960
2.000 8,000 2.920
2.000 10,000 6.060
2.500 15,000 3.550

* Orientation table. For more capacities-dimensions, please contact our technical-commercial department..

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Applications: These types of tanks are very useful when you want to increase the pressure at the outlet and are typical for liquid substances.

  • Water storage
  • Sulphate storage

Hydrocarbon storage.

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