Flat base vertical tanks (VBP)

BUPOLSA’s vertical flat-bed tanks are designed in glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) for the storage of all types of substances, both solid and liquid. These types of tanks support all their weight on their flat bottom, so only a leveled concrete slab is required and calculated to withstand the corresponding pressure.

The vertical flat-bottomed tanks can be installed both outdoors and underground:

  • Air: these are economical GRP tanks ideal for places where the installation surface is reduced and where gravity emptying is carried out. Their installation is simple and only requires a flat concrete bench correctly levelled for its installation. Download installation instructions.
  • Buried: These GRP tanks are ideal for storing products that require total UV protection or a constant storage temperature for better preservation of the contained product. They can also be used when, for reasons of dimensions or aesthetics they must go underground. Its installation is similar to that of the aerial ones, but underground filling the excavation hole with gravel. Download installation instructions.


The range of storage volume of these deposits is very wide depending on the diameter chosen and the length of the ferrule of the same and can reach up to 250m 3 . Thus, we can count on the following capacities:

Plane Base Vertical Deposits
Ø (mm) COMPACITY (litres) HEIGHT(mm)
1.200 1,000 1.050
1.620 5,000 2.640
2.000 10,000 3.400
2.325 15,000 3.840
2.500 20,000 4.330
2.500 25,000 5.350
2.500 30,000 6.370
3.000 35,000 5.300
3.000 40,000 6.010
3.400 45,000 5.320
Plane Base Vertical Deposits
Ø(mm) COMPACITY (litres) HEIGHT(mm)
3.400 50,000 5.870
3.400 60,000 6.980
4.000 70,000 6.040
4.000 80,000 6.840
4.000 90,000 7.630
4.000 100,000 8.430
4.200 125.000 9.370
4.200 150,000 11.170
4.200 175.000 12.980
4.200 200,000 14.780

* Orientation table. For more capacities-dimensions, please contact our technical-commercial department..
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Applications: Vertical flat bed tanks are the most popular for storing water, food products, acids or bases, wastewater, fertilizer, etc. In each case the most suitable type of resin is used. BUPOLSA has a wide range of resins such as orthophthalic, isophthalic, bisphenolic, vinylister, novolac, fireproof…

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Biological reactors
  • Waste water
  • Water Against Fire
  • Sludge thickener
  • Mixing reactors
  • Solids storage
  • Industrial waste…

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