The BUPOLSA hydrocarbon separator is made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) and is an essential element in the treatment of wastewater that may be contaminated by hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbon separators are necessary in the primary treatment of purification to separate oils, greases, fuels and other floating agents present in the water from the discharges of mechanical workshops, machinery, garages, washing tunnels, car parks, etc..,

Hydrocarbon separators are designed to retain suspended hydrocarbons in dirty water. It must be preceded by a decanter where heavy materials will be stopped in order to preserve the environment. One litre of hydrocarbon can contaminate one thousand litres of water when it is directly discharged with the problems it entails in the treatment plants if it is discharged into the sewerage system.

Spanish regulations prohibit the drainage of new or used lubricants, oils and hydrocarbons into surface water, groundwater or street water.