Scrubbers or gas scrubbers

BUPOLSA Scrubbers are made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass (PRFV) and is an equipment designed to purify the air by means of a washing process that allows the removal of gases and contaminating particles present in the gases. Specially designed for gas streams generated by industry and wastewater treatment plants.

The installation works by putting a gas stream in close contact with a flushing liquid. Due to this contact, certain gaseous components dissolve and remain in the water. Therefore, there is a transfer of components in the gas phase to the liquid phase, also called absorption. The solubility of the particles in the liquid will determine to what extent the gaseous components dissolve in that phase.

The use of Scrubber reduces emissions into the atmosphere of alkaline gases such as ammonia and acid gases such as chlorine below permitted levels.


All scrubbers are custom manufactured to customer specified processes and specifications. As BUPOLSA is not a process or engineering company, it does not develop all the parts related to the size of the cleaning tower and does not offer any guarantee in this respect.

Each scrubber is made with the most suitable resins for each specific product and all equipment includes a nameplate and a manufacturing certificate.


They can be of different types depending on how they act on the gas:

  • Spray Scrubber or fill tower
  • Cyclonic spray Scrubber
  • Scrubber Venturi
  • Deodorization towers
  • Electro-filters

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