Rectangular compact filter pit type MEL

BUPOLSA also manufactures Compactos Fosa-Filtro Rectangulares.

The Fosa-Filter composite equipments in one piece are designed to be placed in a reduced space in those communities where the individual equipments cannot be installed, respecting the operation and dimensioning of the equipment. For water that can be assimilated to domestic water.


  rectangular COMPAC tank-filter  
Inhabitans Capacity (litres) Length






5 1.500 1.200 2.300 1.260
10 2.500 1.380 2.500 1.560
15 3.500 1.380 3.280 1.660


The system consists of a primary sedimentation with an anaerobic digestion of the sludges, followed by a phase of water clarification and finally a treatment by a biological filter. The supply of air is carried out by means of draft, providing the suitable conditions for this to take place, otherwise forced ventilation must be installed.

The treatment is carried out by means of the following unit operations: decanter – digester, clarifying compartment and biological filter.

The decanter-digester carries out the primary sedimentation and digestion of sludge, the clarifying compartment, does a second sedimentation and the digestion of sludge present, and finally the biological filter is the zone where there takes place the treatment of biological oxidation of organic matter from microorganisms and with a contribution of oxygen made by natural draft or forced extraction according to the cases. The biological filter consists of a high-performance plastic filler material that provides greater effectiveness in the process and less maintenance problems than mineral filler. Plastic filler BUPOLSA


It is necessary to do an annual emptying in both compartments, in its 3/4 parts, returning to fill with water. The third compartment will be cleaned by water under pressure injected trough the aeration mouth.


The conduction of aeration must have a minimal height of 3 meters, for the correct extraction of gases and smells generated in the process of decomposition

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