Biological filter type MEL

These biological filters are ideal for serving a small number of inhabitants due to their low cost. They can go exposed or buried and they are always supported on concrete bed.


The capacity of the tanks will be established according to the number of people who are serviced through. Thus, we can count on the following capacities:

MEL-Type Biological Filter
People Capacity (litres) Length (mm) With (mm) Height (mm)
5 1.500 1.635 1.095 1.260
10 2.500 1.860 1.260 1.560
15 3.500 2.000 1.360 1.660

* Illustrative table. To consult more capacities-dimensions, please contact our technical service.


An annual emptying of at least 3/4 parts of the tank must be carried out and then it has to be filled again with water.

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